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Best Videos on Marine Mammals

Just like books, movies and videos about marine mammals range from great to garbage.  

Here are a few of our personal favorites. 

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cover This sensational IMAX presentation is now available to share with your friends and family at home.© provides the following description. "Plunge into the realm of wild dolphins in this great adventure film by MacGillivray Freeman Films, producers of the large format films Beavers and The Living Sea. In Dolphins, you'll experience the warm, white sandbanks of the Bahamas where the inquisitive dolphins live and play. Find out how we are unraveling the mysteries of dolphin communication. Here, you'll also meet a bottlenose dolphin named JoJo who explores the colorful reefs with his human friend Dean. Then travel to the wind-swept waters of Argentina where duskies , the most acrobatic of all dolphins, work together in a beautifully choreographed hunt for food. You'll even discover why these dolphins leap! Brimming with details about the complex lives of these fascinating animals, this ocean adventure film takes you into the very heart of the world of Dolphins.

Narrated by Pierce Brosnan. Featuring songs and music by Sting. Includes bonus featurette: "The Making of Dolphins."



"National Geographic's Dolphins: The Wild Side"

cover Life in the wild can be tough for any animal, even dolphins. This outstanding documentary portrays real life and death struggles that animals must face to survive. Some scenes may be upsetting to some very young viewers, but every trainer (or person who really wants to know about dolphins) should see this documentary at least once.  After seeing hundreds of movies, TV shows, documentaries and video profiles on marine mammals most seem pretty redundant and predictable, right?  Not this one.  This recent documentary from National Geographic has become one of our all time favorites.  The footage is beautiful and amazing and shows a side of dolphins that few people have ever seen (or even believe exists).  This video offers a glimpse into the more aggressive behavior of various dolphin species.  The brilliant  photography and commentary drive home the point that we must respect dolphins (and all animals) for what they really are, not just for what we want them to be.  To learn more about this video and read an excellent review by Demian McLean just click on the photo of the video cover above.


"National Geographic's KILLER WHALES: WOLVES OF THE SEA"

cover Here is another excellent documentary from the folks at National Geographic.  Amazing footage of killer whales doing what they do best.  Again, some scenes may be upsetting to some very young viewers.© sums it up quite well...."Throughout every ocean on earth, killer whales are the masters of the sea. Like wolves on land, these fearsome predators often hunt in packs, working together to snare their next meal. You'll journey around the globe to see their extraordinary hunting techniques in action. Plunge beneath the waves to watch the whales round up schools of herring, which they stun with flicks of their powerful tails. Discover the whales "playing with their food" - tossing their prey around in a frenzied game that hones their hunting skills. And witness the amazing spectacle of these huge whales hurling themselves onto the beach to snatch their unsuspecting prey. You'll gain a new appreciation for these magnificent creatures as you come face-to-face with KILLER WHALES: WOLVES OF THE SEA."



These are just a few of our favorites videos.  If you would like to see what else is available at© try the search box below. Just click on the arrow and select "videos" (or any other subject you like). Then type in a key word and hit "go".

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